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When you or your child plays a sport (such as soccer, boxing, football, baseball, hockey, or wrestling), then Dr. Justin Becerra strongly suggests a custom-made mouth guard to shield your gums, teeth, and jawbone. Compared to store-bought generic mouth guards, custom mouth guards from Alpine Dental Arts will be crafted and adjusted for you, which makes it even more effective and comfortable. If you want to decrease the probability of harm to your mouth, we invite you to contact Alpine Dental Arts in Lakewood, CO for more information about custom-made mouth guards.

Best Candidates

Mouth guards are helpful if you or your child participates in a sport with a high risk of injury or frequent contact. A number of our patients take part in martial arts, football, volleyball, hockey, softball, soccer, wrestling, and other contact sports. A mouth guard may be particularly helpful if you have dental restorations or braces, because these can easily cut your gums as well as the soft tissues in your mouth. Mouth guards also have been proven to assist athletes in sports without contact (jogging, yoga, weight lifting) by reducing strain on the jawbone. Since a custom-made mouth guard has been created specifically for your goals, it typically matches better and lasts longer compared to boil and bite or stock mouth guards bought at sporting goods shops. 

What to Expect

For the first step in making your mouth guard, Dr. Becerra will take a collection of physical or digital impressions of your mouth. Your impressions will be sent to a dental lab where professionals will make your mouth guard from high-quality, durable materials. Once your mouth guards is made and sent to our practice, you will return to our office to have your guard fitted. Dr. Becerra will ensure that your mouth guard fits correctly and is comfortable.


Once you get your guard, it's important to wear it during sports. Taking care of your mouth guard will be critical in maintaining its lifespan. It's important to keep it in a secure location and wash it before and after every use. Dr. Becerra will explain the ideal method to wash your mouth guard depending on the substances used. You should take it to each dental appointment so Dr. Becerra can check its current state and also let you know when a new guard is needed.

Insurance Coverage

In your initial consultation, Dr. Becerra will talk about your options and prices. Alpine Dental Arts takes several payments and we will be able to help you to find low-interest medical financing. Insurance can cover a portion of the cost, so we'll contact your company to determine your precise advantages and calculate your personal expenses.

Custom Mouth Guards

Protect your dental well-being and boost your sports performance using a custom-made mouth guard. Dr. Becerra provides high quality mouth guards to protect you from accidents and distress during impact sports. Schedule an appointment at Alpine Dental Arts in Lakewood, CO to find out more information on the advantages of custom mouth guards.

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