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Personized Dental Care in Lakewood, CO. From our dental technology, training and expertise to our compassionate, comprehensive and customized dental care, we go above and beyond for our patients. It’s easy to see we truly care.

What really matters to us.

  • Dedication to Patient Dental Care
  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Versatile, Cross-Trained Team
  • Dentistry at the Highest Standard
  • Comprehensive Services & Thorough Treatments
  • The Latest Techniques and Technology
  • Emergency Dental Care Services
  • Now Accepting Medicaid
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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Brandon Moore

Dr. Brandon Moore

Dr. Justin Becerra

Dr. Justin Becerra

Drs. Brandon Moore and Justin Becerra are dedicated professionals who pay attention to detail and will ensure that our dental team will provide only the best results. You can feel confident that you will receive each treatment at the highest standard of quality. In addition, you will enjoy comprehensive dental treatments, thorough examinations, and customized treatment plans designed to enhance and maintain both your oral and dental health. At Alpine Dental Arts in Lakewood, our team intentionally designs your dental care experience to meet your personal needs.

personalized dental care in Lakewood, CO

Emergency Dental Care

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Lakewood, CO or surrounding areas, look no further! We’ve expanded our team and created a flexible schedule to make room for emergency dental appointments for both patients and non-patients alike. Whether this will be your first visit to our office or your tenth, we look forward to seeing you and will do everything within our power to get you out of pain quickly.

personalized dental care in Lakewood, CO

Now Accepting Medicaid!

We recognize that finding a trusted Medicaid provider can be difficult. We have taken the necessary steps to become an accepted provider of Medicaid in an effort to make quality dentistry available to you. If this is your first time coming to our practice or you have questions regarding your coverage, please don’t hesitate to call our office for more information.

Personalized Dental Care
personalized dental care in Lakewood, CO

Personalized Dentistry

Dental care with you in mind

Our friendly and helpful dental care team will always treat you as an individual. We recognize that you have unique needs, and we will custom design your treatments to fit. You will quickly see that we are eager to make your experience at our office the best you’ve had.

Clear Aligners


Clear aligners are a popular alignment system. Bracket and wire free, clear aligners are more comfortable and much less visible than traditional metal braces.

The best Dermal Filler dentist


Can dentists offer Dermal Fillers? The answer is a definite yes! Dentists already have extensive knowledge in facial muscles and tissues.

All on 4 dentistry


All-on-4 treatment is a prosthodontic procedure for patients with significant tooth loss, decay or bone loss to the point where a conventional dental implant is not possible.

Sleep Apnea dentist


Sleep apnea is much more serious than a simple snore. It is a sleep disorder in which breathing stops during the night, and it can seriously impact your health.

Teeth whitening services


You deserve to be proud of the way you look. Today’s technologies provide a wide variety of whitening options to fit every need and every budget.

Endodontics near me


Endodontics is a specialized area of dentistry focused on the soft tissue inside the tooth, known as the pulp.

Other Dental Services that we offer in Lakewood, CO

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